Here you can find short descriptions and links to my published short stories and essays.

Dolphins or Bust”Animal: A Beast of a Literary Journal, Spring 2020 (essay)

My wife and I face a tropical hurricane while an even bigger storm awaits us at home.

“We’d Be Soldiers” – BULL: Men’s Fiction, Spring 2018

In a quietly dystopian future, this flash story follows a nine-year-old boy as he and his classmates finally learn what it is to play war. The journal’s editor-in-chief said that it “scratches a Barthelme itch in the best possible way.” This story was also included in BULL’s 8th print anthology: BULL: 8

“Narrow Paths and Eyes of Needles” – After the Pause, Spring 2018 (begins on page 56)

A staunchly religious woman dies and goes to heaven, only to realize that God isn’t as exclusionary as she’d hoped He would be.

“Hustle” – Typishly, November 2017

As described by Professor John Hay, “The tale begins with a feint—“‘Name’s Jeff,’ says Leo”—and follows a man trying to stay one step ahead of failure.” Featured as the journal’s most-shared story of 2017.

“Making a Difference” – Scarlet Leaf Review, December 2017

A group of teenagers post up outside of a grocery store to collect money for a fake fundraiser.

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