Cade has taught 5-year-olds and 60-year-olds, managed grassroots advocacy campaigns, copy-edited, played guitar in bands, sold real estate (who hasn’t?), trained athletes, taken third place in a bodybuilding competition, and delivered pizza. In other words, he’s restless. The cure? Writing. It’s a tailor-made activity through which restlessness can be endlessly channeled. On the Publications page, you can find links to his published short stories and essays. He also hosts a YouTube channel with writing/grammar tips, but it’s mostly a playground of ridiculousness. He doesn’t recommend viewing.

Beyond writing, Cade is a husband to a relentlessly supportive wife, a father to two saccharine-sweet daughters, a hot-sauce junkie, a wannabe whiskey connoisseur, an objectophiliac for guitars, and a watcher of too many sitcom reruns. At any given point, he’d rather be at home with his family, which includes a big-headed/big-hearted Cane Corso who can hear a chip bag opening from miles away and a nails-tough orange tabby who decimates the local lizard population.

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