Cade has taught theater to 5-year-olds, business-writing to 60-year-olds, and guitar to everyone in between. He’s managed advocacy campaigns for underprivileged youth, played in bands, sold real estate, trained triathletes, and delivered pizza. Unrelatedly, he has ADHD. On the Publications page, you can find links to select short stories and essays. He also hosts a YouTube channel with writing/grammar tips, but it’s mostly a playground of ridiculousness. He doesn’t recommend viewing.

Unprofessionally, Cade is a hot-sauce junkie, a wannabe whiskey connoisseur, and an objectophiliac for guitars. He spends a little too much money on concerts and, against his wife’s advice, can’t resist a good mosh pit, damn the consequences (of which there are many). But at any given point, he’d rather be at home with his family.

For all writing inquiries, please contact:

Shari Maurer

The Stringer Literary Agency