Cade has taught 5-year-olds and 60-year-olds, managed grassroots health campaigns, copy-edited, played guitar in bands, sold real estate (who hasn’t?), trained athletes, taken third place in a bodybuilding competition, and delivered pizza. In other words, he’s restless. The cure? Writing. It’s a tailor-made activity through which restlessness can be endlessly channeled. On the Publications page, you can find links to his published short stories and essays. He’s querying his fifth novel to agents, which means he’s intolerably distracted and neurotic most of the time.  

Beyond writing, Cade is a husband to a relentlessly supportive wife, a father to two saccharine-sweet daughters, a hot-sauce connoisseur, an IPA junkie, a suburban-dad stereotype, and a watcher of too many sitcom reruns. At any given point, he’d rather be at home with his family, which includes a big-headed/big-hearted Cane Corso who can hear a chip bag opening from miles away and a nails-tough orange tabby who’s certain we need a pet mouse.